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Old 06-01-2013
Originally Posted by blt123
i'm still working with this - have come across this scenario - thanks! what happens if i have a dollar amount without any dollars like this:
99999999999999930530130530USD                                  .890000                                                      ABCDE B/S-         RV ARS B/S-                                                                          
99999999999999930530130530USD                                 -.890000                                                      ABCDE B/S-         RV ARS B/S-

If you look at the code I suggested:
sed -n 's/\(^.\{22\}\)..../\10603/
s/\(^.\{29\}\)\( *\)-/\1\2s/
s/\(^.\{29\}\)\( *\)[ +]\([0-9.]\)/\1\2-\3/
s/\(^.\{29\}\)\( *\)s/\1\2 /
p' inputfile > tmp$$ && cp tmp$$ inputfile && rm tmp$$

You will note that the . in \([0-9.]\) in the 3rd line of this sed command takes care of this case. Are you saying it didn't work when you tried it? I tested cases like this before I posted the code and tried the two lines above in addition to my former tests. It works as desired when I try it.

What OS are you using?

Please use the CODE tag when posting code (as I corrected it in the quote from your last message) instead of using the ICODE tag whenever you are posting long lines that shouldn't be folded. And, never use the ICODE tag to mark multiple lines of code or data that should be displayed as a group.
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Old 06-01-2013
i figured it out i replaced [0-9] with [0-9.]
Thanks for your help - much appreciated!

Oops - just saw your last post - thanks!
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