Checking ^M character in file

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Checking ^M character in file

i have the file <infile> with ^M charactrer. i just wnt to know through script whether the file have ^M character or not.

Please let me know the script steps to check the same.

Thanks in Advance
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From the command line:
grep '^M' FILENAME >/dev/null && echo "DOS EOL present"

However the trick is the insertion of the ^M charachter at the command line, if you preceed it with a [Ctrl]-V the next character is read as a literal rather than (for example ^M sending a carrige return to the shell)
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grep -q "^M" infile

--> use Ctrl+V then Ctrl+M to get ^M don't type ^ and M
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Just a thought: If you're want to check whether the file format is dos or unix, then you may do so using the file command too.

$ file dosfile.txt
dosfile.txt: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators
$ file unixfile.txt
unixfile.txt: ASCII text

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