Find last occurrence of a character in a string

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Find last occurrence of a character in a string


how to find last occurence of a string

for example in the following I want last occurence of '-' i.e. position 12


my pupose is to get the string 'ee'

Thanks and Regards
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echo "aa-bbb-cccc-ddd-ee" | awk -F"-" '{print $NF}'

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Many Thanks Pravin27

Sorry i misphrased the question

I got there but stumbled at getting last position

could you please advise how to get the "position" of last '-' in the string?

Thanks and Regards
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here you go
echo "aa-bbb-cccc-ddd-ee" | awk -F"-" '{print length($0)-length($NF)}'

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Assuming you're using a standards conforming shell (such as bash or ksh), this will also work:
echo "Last - is in column $((${#str} - ${#end}))"

and only uses shell built-ins.

With your sample string, it produces:
Last - is in column 16

# 6  
echo ${#start}

This is OK, as the shell's string index starts with 0:
echo ${str:${#start}:1}

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