how to convert things from csh to sh

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how to convert things from csh to sh

i have this method in csh that check for file exist.

#check that file exists
if ( ! -e $6$5 ) then
echo $6$5 Not Found
exit 8

however i wanted in to be in just sh. so i change the code to:
if [ ! -e $6$5 ]; then
echo $6$5 Not Found
exit 8

I get error showing test arguments needed or something like there any problem with my coding? Btw the parameters are passed in...$5 is a text file and $6 is a path name.
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Put quote around the variable argument in the if staement. eg

if [ ! -e "$6$5" ]

The reason you get an error in your own code when $5 and $6 are both empty is that the '-e' test requires an argument. By putting quotes round it you force an argument of a null string (rather than no argument at all) when $5 and $6 are both empty.

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