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Running java class with a cron

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Old 10-25-2005
Running java class with a cron

Hello everybody,

I have a problem about running a java class with a cron :

I have Cron.txt file which has :
0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * CronJava.txt

I have CronJava.txt wihich has :
cd ias/j2ee/SapAktarim/applications/SapAktarim/SapAktarim/WEB-INF/classes/;java -classpath $CLASSPATH main.SapAktarim

When cron works I get "help of java command" from my mail.

if i do it manually, cd to path and type
java -classpath $CLASSPATH main.SapAktarim it works without a problem.

When I place it in a cron, I get this situation. Smilie

Maybe cron can't see my user classpath info.

When I try a sipmle class which only system.out.println("Hello") it works with the cron ...?

I am new on Unix...

Helps appreciated...

Thanks a lot
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Old 10-25-2005
You might try printing the $CLASSPATH shell variable in your shell script to see if all is OK.
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Old 10-26-2005

in ur java class ur specfying some thing to print on console but may be there may be no console
opened to print ur s.o.println from crontab u can't start application which have GUI interface if u really want to start up like then install screen.rpm and in the crontab before the script calling specify it as

25 * * * * root screen -d -m

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Old 10-27-2005
In CronJava.txt do this:

echo $CLASSPATH > /tmp/cronout

Wait a while. While you're waiting, do this:


Compare that to the contents of /tmp/cronout. Are they the same? If not, do this ONCE:

echo "#!/bin/sh" > /tmp/tmpfile
echo "CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH" >> /tmp/tmpfile
echo "export CLASSPATH" >> /tmp/tmpfile
cd /to/directory/where/your/CronJava.txtfile/is
cat CronJava.txt >> /tmp/tmpfile
# If you get any errors during the above actions, STOP. Try to fix them. Retry commands. If everything looks ok, then,
cp /tmp/tmpfile CronJava.txt

You should be all set.

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