awk input large file

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awk input large file

Hi...Does anyone know how to input huge file about 25 GB to awk

if single file then this works

awk '{print}' <hugefile

suppose if have to use something like this

awk FNR==NR{x[++a]=$0;next}{print $0,x[FNR]}' hugefile1 hugefile2

then how to redirect ? and is there any provision to assign memory for awk program ?

those who know kindly answer

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I am not 100% sure here.. However awk/gzip and other similar utilities uses /var or /tmp filesystem to store the file and awk is largefile aware so you shouldnt get any issues if the place where you are redirecting has enough space..

you getting any error message?
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I am not getting any error msg

I tried to redirected like this
awk FNR==NR{x[++a]=$0;next}{print $0,x[FNR]}' <hugefile1 <hugefile2 >outputfile

output file was empty, so I thought I may be doing something wrong while inputing
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<hugefile1 <hugefile2 it should be just hugefile1 hugefile2
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Ok I will try, but I guess I will get error msg, do you think array can hold 25GB data ?
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Originally Posted by Akshay Hegde
Ok I will try, but I guess I will get error msg, do you think array can hold 25GB data ?
Never tried so cant comment SmilieSmilie
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I am gonna try now, I will post result..

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Hi Vidyadhar85....finally I received this error msg

cmd. line:1: (FILENAME=t2.tmp FNR=26245271) fatal: dupnode: r->stptr: can't allocate 14 bytes of memory (Cannot allocate memory)

awk 'FNR==NR{
		print $0,FLG[FNR]
	    }' t2.tmp t1.tmp >out.dat

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