How to extract latest file by looking at date time stamp from a directory?

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How to extract latest file by looking at date time stamp from a directory?


i have a Archive directory in which files are archived or stored with date and time stamp to prevent over writing.

there are 5 files

while moving these files to archive directory, date and time stamp is added.
of format `date +%Y%m%d`.`date +%H%M%S%N`

i want to extract the latest files which came in the last 5 mins. can any1 help me with a script.

please let me know if you need more clarification


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If you simply want to find all the files which arrived in a directory in last 5 minutes or modified in last 5 minutes you can use find.

find . -type f -mmin -5

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till now this command works fine. will ask again if some problem comes.

but if i want the latest files that came in last 1 hour or last 2 hours. then what i have to write in -mmin parameter?
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-mmin evalutes in minutes so you can use either -60 (1 hour) or -120 (2 hour) etc..
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Originally Posted by vidyadhar85
If you simply want to find all the files which arrived in a directory in last 5 minutes or modified in last 5 minutes you can use find.

find . -type f -mmin -5

can tou explain me the above command?

what does (dot and f) represents?

Is it like dot represents the current directory??
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dot - represents current directory
f - regular file
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Yes, . means the current directory, and means "find in current directory and subdirectories".

The f is part of "-type f" and means "find regular files".

The -mmin -5 part was covered before.
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