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Time taken to run a SQL script

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Time taken to run a SQL script in UNIX - performance testing


I am asked to run around 5-6 SQL queries in a shell script and take a note of the time taken to execute each query to a file. How do I get the time taken to run the individual SQL queries

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$ which time

$ cat
rm -f logfile
time_cmd="/usr/bin/time --format=%E --append --output=logfile"

echo 'Elapsed time taken, [hours:]minutes:seconds.' >> logfile

echo Running command 1 ... >> logfile
$time_cmd sleep 0

echo Running command 2 ... >> logfile
$time_cmd sleep 1

echo Running command 3 ... >> logfile
$time_cmd sleep 2

echo Running command 4 ... >> logfile
$time_cmd sleep 0

echo Running command 5 ... >> logfile
$time_cmd sleep 1

echo Running command 6 ... >> logfile
$time_cmd sleep 2

$ cat logfile
$ cat logfile
Elapsed time taken, [hours:]minutes:seconds.
Running command 1 ...
Running command 2 ...
Running command 3 ...
Running command 4 ...
Running command 5 ...
Running command 6 ...

Substitute the SQL commands for the "sleep N" commands.
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Also SQL*Plus system setting: TIMI[NG] if turned ON displays timing statistics for each SQL or PL/SQL block run.

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