Substring check in IF condition in shell script

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Substring check in IF condition in shell script

I want to check if the string has the substring in IF condition then process...

i tried below but not working
if  [[ "$field" = reserved* || "$field" = fillspaces* ]];

field can be "reserved1" ....reservedn / fillspaces1 ... fillspacesn
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In bash you can use the built-in regexp comparison operator =~
if [[ "$field" =~ reserved.* ]] || [[ "$field" =~ fillspaces.* ]]

# 3  
i am using ksh .... "=~" is not working
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How about using grep command?
if echo "$field" | grep -q "reserved.*"

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Builtin solution is to use case in every shell, if [[ ... regexp is not usable.

case "$field" in
     reserverd*|fillspaces* )  some 

ksh93 and bash you can use [[ ]] testing with patterns. Condition Test.

It's not same as [ / test cmd.


if [[ $a = tes* ]] ; then
        echo y1
if [[ $a = tes*r* ]] ; then
        echo y2
if [[ $a = *g ]] ; then
        echo y3
if [[ $a = *g*1 ]] ; then   # false, no echo
        echo y4

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