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Need help in printf in shell script

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need help in printf in shell script
# 8  
printf "%0*s\n" $length "$value"

# 9  
i am getting


echo $SHELL

Not working for me....
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For zero padding in ksh, use the typeset command:

$ typeset -RZ5 x
$ x=25
$ echo $x

Mapping it to your case:
$ length=15
$ value="1234567890"
$ typeset -RZ${length} value
$ echo $value


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# 11  
yes typeset worked thx

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Hi guru...

typeset worked when the "value" has some value in it...
if the value sometimes empty ... then it should create the passed length zero's...
But typeset is giving spaces ...Help me on this
# 12  
In case this works:
$ cat
printf "%0*d\n" $length "$value"

printf "%0*d\n" $length "$value"

$ ./

# 13  
Mine is ksh ... it is not working
printf "%0*d\n" $length "$value"

# 14  
Mine is ksh ... it is not working
Sorry about that. Smilie

If typeset does not work, one thing you could try (adjusting syntax if needed for ksh) is:
if [ -z "var" ]; then
  echo 00000000000
  typeset -RZ${length} value
  echo $value

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