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The here-document is working fine. FTP is printing the command itself for whatever reason. Perhaps it doesn't like that form of login; that can depend a lot on the FTP server.

You may be able to create a ~/.netrc file for automatic login, with contents like
machine hostname
        login username
        password whatever

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My version of the ftp client seems to insist on reading the password from the terminal, not stdin, wondering if you have the same problem. .netrc works.
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Too many hosts for a .netrc

I already have the IP list, it's a huge amount of work and not very efficient to create a .netrc file. Is anyone out there good with the syntax of the HERE document? It's just a matter of syntax. The FTP servers all provide
the same login screnn and password prompt. It's pretty much a standard.

All I am trying to do is pass the same user ftp and password
to the script. It can't be this hard. I don't want to say anything but 5 messages ago you didn't know what a Here doc was. ANyone????

Gregg Dotoli
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Originally Posted by gdotoli
I don't want to say anything but 5 messages ago you didn't know what a Here doc was.
You are vastly mistaken. I've been adept at shell scripting for many years.

It is certainly not as easy as you insist. My FTP client doesn't even wait for the 'user' command, it shows a prompt instantly, even when run from script. Even when I close all other file descriptors, it just opens /dev/tty to talk to the terminal directly.

And it may bear no resemblance to yours, because you're also refusing to answer any of my questions. Mine does not have '-u' for instance. It's not even clear whether you're using Windows FTP, Cygwin FTP, some third-party executable, or what at this point, there's many variants. If you don't answer questions, how am I to know if any of my suggestions ever worked...?

Even a screenshot of what happens when you run your program would be more productive than this entire thread so far.

You've refused to even try anything I've suggested, too. Even just knowing that .netrc works for one IP would tell me a lot more about your setup than I know right now.

I'm not stopping anyone from posting in this thread... I think your attitude, and the complete and total lack of information from you, is doing that.

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After much experimenting I think the -n option may be needed in order to use the 'user' option, to prevent the FTP server from doing autologin. And the password may require quotes.

This works here:

ftp -n <<EOF
open hostname
user username "password"

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I solved the problem. I am using wget (gnu) in a while read loop. wget has the ability to authenticate without using another Unix command, it is built in. So everything works fine and is much cleaner.


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Iterating through the FTP IP Host file with the while read loop along with wget allows easy passing of username and password for checking technical evaluation of a list of ftp site.

while read g; do echo $g; wget -r ftp://ftp:fto@$g/ >>filelist;done<ftphosts.txt

There was no need for a here document.
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You can make this more efficient by running wget only once, since it can accept a list of files via -I, and read stdin via -I -

while read g
        echo ftp://ftp:fto@$g/
done < ftphosts.txt | wget -I - >filelist

Since you have Cygwin though, your version of wget may be slightly odd, and may or may not support -I.
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