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Simply bash script

I have a bash script that has 13 variables and runs commands on them.
I've copied the commands 13 times but I'd like to simplify it to simply add 1 to the previous and run 13 times.

The variables are
... up to 13. (more may be added later)

# executable stuff
mkdir "$dir01/".LogFiles
cp -R "$dir01"/*.aep\ Logs "$dir01"/.LogFiles/
rm -Rf "$dir01"/*.aep\ Logs "$dir01"/*.log 
 echo 01

mkdir "$dir02/".LogFiles 
cp -R "$dir02"/*.aep\ Logs "$dir02"/.LogFiles/
rm -Rf "$dir02"/*.aep\ Logs "$dir02"/*.log 
 echo 02

# repeated 13 times for each dir.

I'd like to simplify it to something like this:
n=1 # Amount to add each time
num=00 # Base number to start with

while [ x = 0 ]
    workon=$dir(($num += $n))
    mkdir "$workon/".LogFiles 
    cp -R "$workon"/*.aep\ Logs "$workon"/.LogFiles/
    rm -Rf "$workon"/*.aep\ Logs "$workon"/*.log 
    echo "$workon"

I don't know how to get it to stop when it's done 13 or whatever number of variables I have.

BTW I'm using cp and rm because mv won't clobber a directory.
These are render log files that are annoying and mostly useless so I don't mind overwriting files.

Any help with this code is very much appreciated.
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You are already using bash's shell arithmetics, why don't you use it for your loop:
$ while (( x-- )); do echo $x; done

BTW, don't cp and rm without error checking - if th cp fails, your log file is gone; use mv instead.
# 3  
I'm stuck

I defined paths for dir1 through dir13 as variables but I can't get the loop to add the number to the "dir" to create "dir1" and then use it as the defined variable.
This is my test code:
# dir1 through dir13 defined previously

run=13 # How many directories are we working on?
(( run += n )) # Add one to the number of directories

while (( $num < $run ))
      echo $dir$num
    (( num += n )) # When num = run exit loop

Instead of echoing the defined path for variable "dir1, dir2 ..." it echos "dir1" and "dir2," literally.
If I echo "$dir1" by adding it manually, I get the defined path as desired.
Why won't $dir$num echo as the path?
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Variables don't work that way. Dynamic variable names are discouraged in general -- that's the sort of thing you should be using an array or even just a space-separated string for.

You can dereference a variable name with ${!...} however. (This is a BASH-only feature.)


echo "${!VARNAME}"

You must assign the complete variable name to a string first, you can't put substitutions directly inside the ${}.
# 5  
That works!

Thank you. That works well.

How can I set a variable with a space in it?
"dir 1" and "dir\ 1" don't work.
I'm interested if having spaces in the variable definition would also work.
# 6  
Originally Posted by scribling
Thank you. That works well.

How can I set a variable with a space in it?
You can't. That's not a valid variable name.
# 7  
They designed it like that because it's a very bad idea to want spaces in the middle of a variable name. Use the underscore.
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