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Searching for a pattern and extracting records related to that pattern

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Searching for a pattern and extracting records related to that pattern
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Old 04-01-2013
Searching for a pattern and extracting records related to that pattern

Hi there,

Looking forward to your advice for the below:

I have a file which contains 2 paragraphs related to a particular pattern. I have to search for those paragraphs from a log file and then print a particular line from those paragraphs.


I have one file with the fixed patterns


Using the fix patterns, I have to search for 2 paragraphs related to that pattern. Once that is found, then I have to print the timestamp when those requests came.
2013-03-31 14:12:59.100805 < APP > (thr:1) [main] com.comptel.eventlink.node.AdapterNodeSingleton processInputRecord
FINE: Processing input record.
2013-03-31 14:12:59.101085 < APP > (thr:1) [main] process
FINE: Incoming request from: XMLMQ inputType:  inputLink: OUTRECORD
F __JMS_MESSAGE_ID__ ID:414d51204545534f3933315020202020513dbaaa2d289d91
B OCGWRequest
B Header
F RqId CCRC_28778426
F RqMode 1
F TrySequence 1
F AppId 012
F GatewayAppId 011
F Bulk no
F RqTimeStamp 2013-03-31T14:12:59
F Version 1.0.2
B Body
B Request
F SubRqId 1
F FunctionId 2
F ServiceId 119
F SubscriberId 966569297575
F MainAccAmount 9641
F RefillProfileId 8

2013-03-31 14:12:59.204187 < APP > (thr:1) [main] writeCdrFile
INFO: Error response for MSGID: ID:414d51204545534f3933315020202020513dbaaa2d289d91, RqID:CCRC_28778426 {responseCode=1, RqTim
eStamp=2013-03-31T14:12:59, GatewayAppId=011, RefillProfileId=8, FunctionId=2, RqMode=1, RollBackPossible=TRUE, Bulk=no, respo
nseFrom=UCIP, RollBackBy=CREDIT, MainAccAmount=9641, SubscriberId=966569297575, ApplicationId=012, SubRqId=1, TrySequence=1, r
esponseErrorCode=W220100, OrigRqId=null, responseErrorDescription= ResponseCode 1 - Ok but supervision period exceeded, respon
seStatus=2, responseBackEnd=rc1air5, ServiceId=119, responseTransactionId=195891364728081230}
2013-03-31 14:12:59.204393 < APP > (thr:1) [main] sendResponse
FINE: Outgoing response to XMLMQ_RESPONSE record: RECORD
F __JMS_MESSAGE_ID__ ID:414d51204545534f3933315020202020513dbaaa2d289d91
B OCGWResponse
B Header
F RqId CCRC_28778426
F RqStatus 2
B Body
B Response
F SubRqId 1
F TransactionId CCRC_28778426:1
F SubRqStatus 2
F ErrorCode W220100
F ErrorDescription Successful, but supervision period exceeded:  ResponseCode 1 - Ok but supervision period exceeded

Please advise
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Old 04-01-2013
Your specification doesn't yield too much information, nor do the few word printed in yellow, and a sample output is missing entirely. Wild guessing on my part yielded this:
$ awk 'FNR==NR     {A[$1]=1;next}
       /< APP >/   {TS=$1" "$2}
       ($3 in A)   {print TS; TS=""}
      ' file1 file2
2013-03-31 14:12:59.101085
2013-03-31 14:12:59.204393

which are NOT the time stamps in yellow, but the last ones encountered before the "fix pattern" was found.

If that does not fulfill your needs (and I don't expect it to), be way more specific describing/detailing your request!
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Old 04-01-2013
Dear Rudic,

Every sample fixed pattern like (CCRC_28778426), there are hundreds of such fixed patters, has a OCGWRequest paragraph and a OCGWResponse paragraph in a log file. Using the fixed pattern/s, I have to search its related Request and Response paragraph and when I get those I have to print the timestamp which is mentioned above the lines

In request paragraph:
FINE: Incoming request from: XMLMQ inputType
In response paragraph:
FINE: Outgoing response to XMLMQ_RESPONSE
Hope this clears the confusion. Please let me know if you require any more clarification.
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Old 04-03-2013
You didn't comment on the results of my proposal, nor did you show the desired output format. What do you expect?

Please read carefully through your specification in post #1
Once that is found, then I have to print the timestamp
and ask yourself if it can be clear to someone not familiar with your problem.

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