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Comparing files in a directory against an array of files

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Comparing files in a directory against an array of files
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Old 03-30-2013
Question Comparing files in a directory against an array of files

I hope I can explain this correctly. I am using Bash-4.2 for my shell.

I have a group of file names held in an array. I want to compare the names in this array against the names of files currently present in a directory. If the file does not exist in the directory, that is not a problem. However, if any file exists in the directory that is not also listed in the array, the file in the directory should be deleted. I just cannot find a relatively simple way to do this.
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Old 03-30-2013
so, where are you stuck with your code? are you getting any error?

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Old 03-30-2013
I have tried literally dozens of ways to do it, and while I have certainly found a few that work, they are all to inflated in my opinion. I am just trying to find an eloquent method if possible.
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Old 03-30-2013
This would be a lot easier in a language with associative arrays; you could check if the file was in the set in one operation instead of a loop.

KEEP=( file1 file2 file3 )

for FILE in *
        for X in "${KEEP[@]}"
                [ "$X" = "$FILE" ] && DEL=0

        [ "$DEL" -eq 1 ] && echo rm "$FILE"

Remove the echo once you've tested and are sure this does what you want.
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Old 03-31-2013
Bash 4x supports associative arrays I believe; however, I have no experience with them. I just use the regular arrays. If you could give me an example of how this would work with an associative array, I might learn something.

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Old 03-31-2013
With assosciative arrays in bash4 you could try something like this:
declare -A KEEP=( [file1]=1 [file2]=1 [file3]=1 )
for file in *
  if [[ ! ${KEEP[$file]} ]]; then
    echo rm "$file"

Remove the echo once you have tested it and it does what you want..

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