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Old 03-13-2013
Search & Replace content of files using gsub in awk

Hi,I have 2 files master.txt & reference.txt as shown below & i require o/p as mentioned in file 3 using awk but content is not replacing properlymaster.txt:
919814047423728,Idea,PUN2372,MTS,AP25E4,Aircel,AP250A,Idea,AP2630,Airtel,PB919014002000,RCOM,AP919700099155,Aircel,APreference.txt2630,919700099155,123728,919700099155,225E4,250A,3919014002E40,919814047423728,10o/p:Airtel PB,Aircel AP,19198140474MTS AP,Aircel AP,2Aircel AP,Idea AP,3919014002E40,9198140474MTS AP

I want to match the exact length in reference.txt for replacement through master.txt & if it is not found then refernce file should print as it is. Please helpi have written the following sample code:
awk -F, 'NR==FNR {rep[$1]=$2" "$3; next}{ for (r in rep) gsub(r,rep[r],$0); print $0}' master.txt reference.txt

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Old 03-13-2013
Please post your master file and reference file again using code tags.
From above it not clear.
And please post desired output also.


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Old 03-13-2013
Can you post sample input and expected output?
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Old 03-13-2013
Not clear. What (fields, lines, characters) in reference.txt do you want to replace with what (see before)?
In your example, you replace every occurrence of master's field 1 in reference by master's field 2&3, which works fine.
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Old 03-13-2013
would be more appropriate if you can share

template lines from both master.txt and the reference.txt and possibly if you know what the output should look like, a line with required pattern.
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Old 03-14-2013
Master.txt2372,MTS,AP919848001104,Airtel,DL0819,MTS,MUM919849788001,Airtel,AP1430,Aircel MP,20Reference.txt2372,919848701430,46467919848002372,2372,471952372,919849788001,590270819,028803,10819,029801,10819,2372,1Output which is coming is as follows:MTS AP,91984870Aircel MP,4646791984800MTS AP,MTS AP,47195MTS AP,Airtel,AP59027MTS MUM,028803,1MTS MUM,029803,1MTS MUM,MTS AP,1Requirement:Only the exact match of each separator field should be replaced in reference text,i.e, output should look like as followsMTS AP,919848701430,46467919848002372,MTS AP,47195MTS AP,Airtel,AP59027MTS MUM,028803,1MTS MUM,029803,1MTS MUM,MTS AP,1

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Old 03-14-2013
Can you use code tags.
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