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Search two patterns using awk to print the variable sum

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Search two patterns using awk to print the variable sum
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Old 03-11-2013
Search two patterns using awk to print the variable sum


gold 1 1986 USA American Eagle
gold 1 1908 Austria-Hungary Franz Josef 100 Korona
silver 10 1981 USA ingot
gold 1 1984 Switzerland ingot
gold 1 1979 RSA Krugerrand
gold 0.5 1981 RSA Krugerrand
gold 0.1 1986 PRC Panda
silver 1 1986 USA Liberty dollar
gold 0.25 1986 USA Liberty 5-dollar piece
silver 0.5 1986 USA Liberty 50-cent piece
silver 1 1987 USA Constitution dollar
gold 0.25 1987 USA Constitution 5-dollar piece
gold 1 1988 Canada Maple Leaf

awk '/gold/ {ounces += $2} END {print "value = $" 425*ounces}' coins.txt

Output: value = $2592.5

When i tried modifying one of the above programs to calculate and display the total amount (in ounces) of gold and silver, separately but with one program. By using two pairs of pattern/action but it won’t works.

Help me on the above obligation

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Old 03-11-2013
Set the (value of silver) in this code:
awk '
/^gold/ {gold += $2}
/^silver/ {silver += $2}
END {print "value = $" 425*gold;print "value = $" (value of silver)*silver }' coins.txt

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Old 03-11-2013
Great Thanks . Its working !!!

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