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Performing loop in gnuplot - splot command

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Old 02-28-2013
Performing loop in gnuplot - splot command


I have been struggling for quite past few days to make or generate graphs using a loop in the GNUPLOT.

I am trying to generate a contour plot using "splot" command in gnuplot. I am able to do for a single file successfully. But i am unable to make it work for more number of files using a loop in GNUPLOT.

Kindly post your comments, which would be helpful for me.

Following is the code for generating a single contour splot in GNUPLOT.

Here the file name "950_stress" consists of three numeric columns. One column denotes the x-axis coordinates, second column denotes y-axis coordinates and third column has the stress values.

splot '950_stress' with lines
set xlabel "x-coordinate"
set ylable "y-coordinate"
set zlabel "stress-distribution"
set title "950_stress"
set dgrid3d
set contour
set cntrparam bspline
set pm3d
set hidden3d
set terminal png
set output '950.png'

I just wanted to do it for data files named from 950_stress to 1950_stress (ie) almost 1000 files.

Put your expert way to do this using LOOP for GNUPLOT splot command. It is to be noted that the title of the graphs and the name of the output of the graph should change accordingly with respect to datafile numbering.

set title "950_stress"
set output '950.png'

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Old 02-28-2013
How did you go with the solution I posted for you in this thread?
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Old 03-01-2013
Originally Posted by Chubler_XL
How did you go with the solution I posted for you in this thread?

That is not the solution. The using loop inside gnuplot seems to be different than using it normally.

I have tried with it as it is ., it did not worked.
Done with some changes, again no use of it.

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