Check size of a partition

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Check size of a partition

hi want to schedule a script for displaying the size of the partiition.

For example
df -g

/dev/fslv03 2000.00 535.43 74% 179943 1% /nvbkp

we have several mount point like this but i want to schedule script to display size of the above mount point only.


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Can you show us what you tried so far?
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No i am seeking for an solution.
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Originally Posted by ankit2012
No i am seeking for an solution.
Yes, I totally understand you are seeking a solution. But we would love to see some sincere effort from your part for this pretty much straightforward problem and then if you are stuck at some point let us know we will be more than happy to guide you. Please note that this forum is not a script development service.

BTW you can schedule your script in job scheduler: crontab
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Yes i want to schedule it in crontab.

I have already script scheduled for taking daily backups that send notification through CRON i want that it also show the mountpoint space after backup completes.

Kindly suggest
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