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Old 02-20-2013
Create a flat file and directory structure

Hi All,

is there any work around to generate the file and directory structure like below at left side at Output? and exclude all file except .abc .txt

Current Directory structure


print Output file look like this

1 files    
1.1 Share
1.1.1 dir1
1.1.2 dir2    
1.1.3 dir3
1.1.4 dir4
1.1.5 dir5
1.1.6 dir6
1.1.7 dir7
1.1.8 dir8 IMG IMG001 IMG002 abcd.txt 00001    IMG           IMG1       IMG2       Sample        hello           prod    NAD    NAT       TEXT TEXTILE1 00002        IMAG    IMAG1 IMAG2        
1.1.9 dir9                
1.1.10 dir10            
1.1.11 dir11

Thank you

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Old 02-20-2013
Is this a one-time or re-occuring task? If is just a one time job, it is easier to just create the directories manually than writing a script for parsing this input file.
The -p switch of mkdir might come handy when creating the directories.
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Old 02-20-2013
My apologies, I mean File and Directory Structure is my current structure directory, but i want to generate a full path of file and directory structure and print to a file, not to create a directory

thanks for response

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is this possible for unix?
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Old 02-21-2013
This comes close, only issue is unix sorts alphabetically so order is

find ./files \( -type d -o -name "*.abc" -o -name "*.txt" \) -print | awk '
function ppath(p, f, c) {
   s=index(f, "/");
   if (!p) return ppath(substr(f,1,s-1), substr(f,s+1), "");
   if (!s) pf=p"/"f;
   else pf=p"/"substr(f,1,s-1);
   if (!(pf in found)) {
   if (!s) return (c?c".":"") found[p] " " f
   return ppath(pf, substr(f, s+1), (c?c".":"") found[p])
{ print ppath("", $0, "") }


1 files
1.1 Share
1.1.1 dir1
1.1.2 dir10
1.1.3 dir11
1.1.4 dir2
1.1.5 dir3
1.1.6 dir4
1.1.7 dir5
1.1.8 dir6
1.1.9 dir7
1.1.10 dir8 00001 IMG IMG1 IMG2 IMG IMG001 IMG002 abcd.txt Sample 00002 IMAG IMAG1 IMAG2 hello prod NAD NAT TEXT TEXTILE1
1.1.11 dir9

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Another solution without recursion:

find ./files \( -type d -o -name "*.abc" -o -name "*.txt" \) -print | awk '{
  for(i=2;i<=c;i++)  {
      if(!(f in P)) P[f]=0;
      if(!(f"/"v[i] in P)) P[f]++;
      printf "%s",P[f] (i<c?".":"")
  print " " v[i-1];

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Old 02-21-2013
very appreciate the scripts, sir could you please explain a little bit more whats going on of your script?

thank again.
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Old 02-21-2013
The find statement produces a list of files and directories that match the criteria (directory or name ends in .txt or .abc) something like this:


Each directory component is broken out and put into a array (found[] in first script and v[] in second)
Each element in the array counts how many children sit below it

Now if a new directory or file ./files/Share/dirX is processed the count in v[./files/Share] will be incremented to 12 because no entry exists for v[./files/Share/dirX] this allows the output of 1.12.1 dirX to be printed.
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Old 02-21-2013
Thank so much for your help sir.

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Sir have a question, what about exclude some folder and their succeeding sub directory, I tried to add something like this:

\( -type d -o -name "*.dat" -o -name "*.txt" -o ! -name "warcraft" \)

is not working, is there any work around?

need to exclude directory and their succeeding subdirectory.


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