Remote command in variable using ssh

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Remote command in variable using ssh

Hi, I've an issue in a shell script:

I'm opening an ssh connection to a remote server, then I want to store the result of a ls command in a variable, but it doesn't work: the ls is done on the local machine.
ssh user@server << EOF
 ls # works as expected (ls is done remotely)
 test=`ls` # the ls is done locally and not remotely

Note: I have to use EOF, because they are several others commands done during the ssh.

any solution for this problem ?

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Or try
ssh user@server << 'EOF'

This treats the following text as being in 'ticks'
But often this replaces one problem by another.
The real solution is to have two scripts:
ssh user@server < remotescript

Or, safer, force the correct interpreter in a remote shell:
ssh user@server /bin/sh < remotescript

No restriction on remotescript, and can be interactively tested on a remote system.
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