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[Solved] Unable to call a python script from bash

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [Solved] Unable to call a python script from bash
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Old 02-14-2013
[Solved] Unable to call a python script from bash


I am trying to run a python script embedded in bash script. But is throwing me an error. Please help.


nohup /usr/bin/python /opt/web/ &

/usr/bin/python: can't open file '/opt/web/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Please help me on this.

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Old 02-14-2013
Does /opt/web/ exist?
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Old 02-14-2013
Yes it is exists.
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Old 02-14-2013
It seems like a fair error. However, you are working too hard. Make /opt/web/ executable, make the first line "#!/usr/bin/python", put /opt/web in $PATH and just say "nohup &" Make sure you are in a directory where you can create and write nohup.out.

If debugging mysteries, nothing beats running it all under strace/truss/tusc with lots of options -faelo /tmp/test/tr -rall -wall -xall or similar, so you can see all the calls and exactly where the error is. Sometimes the report is only half true. Something is missing, but what?
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Old 02-14-2013
What does
 ls -l /opt/web/

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Old 02-14-2013
My bet would be on /opt/web/ being a broken symbolic link.
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Old 02-15-2013
Hi DGPickett,

Thanks for your help. Your solution worked. The file does not have executable permissions so python is not able to read the file.

I changed the permissions and restarted bash script. It's working. Thanks Buddy.

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