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How to append string checking other same string?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to append string checking other same string?
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How to append string checking other same string?

Hi ,
I have a file like
A-0150075|Bud Racing
A-0187811|Bud Light
A-0187811|RW&B signmaking

I Want the o/p like
HTML Code:
A-0150075|Bud Racing
A-0187811|Bud Light,RW&B signmaking
# 2  
awk -F\| ' NR==1 {
        printf "%s", $0;
        p = $1;
} p == $1 {
        printf ",%s", $2;
} p != $1 {
        printf "\n%s", $0;
} {
        p = $1;
} END {
        printf "\n";
}' file

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I was tempted to ask what you tried so far ...
Next time I will!!
This forum is to help members to solve NOT do their work... remember?
We are expecting to see a minimum of effort like what you tried so far...
And this question ressembles furiously at this one you asked previously:
So thread closed!
I shall close the next thread I see from you if its just asking for us to do your work, you have been warned.

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