Unable to get full message text from Windows Event Logs

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Old 02-12-2013
Unable to get full message text from Windows Event Logs

Hi all,

. I am developing a log monitoring solution in perl for Windows I am using the CPAN module Win32 ::EventLog (0.076) version for getting the events from windows. The problem which I am facing now is all the Windows 2008 machines are upgraded with Service pack2 from then I couldn’t able to get the message text even if I set the value 1 to $Win32::EventLog::GetMessageText = 1; for both Windows 2008 sp2 and Windows 2012. I agree this not a bug in the module instead Windows 2008 Sp2 and 2012 event log design might have changed in such a way kindly let me know is there any possibility to modify anything in the .pm file to get the Windows 2008 sp2 message moreover the module cannot pull only the message from the service control manager which has an event ID 7036.
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Old 02-12-2013
Sounds more windows or programming than shell. Does CPAN have later versions?
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Old 02-13-2013
The latest version of this module 0.076 which i am using it currently.
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