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Finding directories with expression

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Old 02-08-2013
Finding directories with expression

Hi All,

I need your help in finding pattern of directories.

need to search for all pattern have "mypatern" from base directory folder.


server1 - base directory

100 server1/ab_123456_1/mypattern
100 server1/ab_123456_2/mypattern
200 server1/ab_123457_1/mypattern
400 server1/ab_123457_3/mypattern

If the pattern "mypattern" is found in server1/ab_123456_1 and if another pattern is found ab_123456_2 then i want the to du -k mypattern and sum and the result saved as shown.

200k 123456/mypattern
600k 123457/mypattern

Appreciate your help in Advance.

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Old 02-08-2013
find * -type d -name mypattern | xargs -r du -sk | while read k n
    $(( sum += k ))
echo $sum

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Old 02-09-2013
very appreciate here thanks

find * -type d -name mypattern | xargs -r du -sk | while read k n 
$(( sum += k ))  
done echo $sum

executed the above command got error message:
./ line 3: 8: command not found
./ line 3: 12: command not found
./ line 3: 16: command not found
./ line 3: 24: command not found
./ line 3: 28: command not found

but when execute this
find * -type d -name mypattern | xargs -r du -sk

8       server/ab_1234568_2/mypattern
4       server/ab_1234567_2/mypattern
4       server/ab_1234569_2/mypattern
8       server/ab_1234567_1/mypattern
4       server/ab_1234569_3/mypattern

is there any chances that can group the same sequence of directory filename?
8 server/ab_1234567_1/mypattern
4 server/ab_1234567_2/mypattern

4 server/ab_1234569_2/mypattern
4 server/ab_1234569_3/mypattern

the output would be
8   ab_1234569/mypattern    
12 ab_1234567/mypattern

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Old 02-09-2013
awk -F"[ _]" '$0~p {a[$3]+=$1} END {for (i in a) print a[i]"k "i"/"p}' p="mypattern" server1 > result.txt
cat result.txt
200k 123456/mypattern
600k 123457/mypattern

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Old 02-09-2013
awk -F"[ _]" '$0~p {a[$3]+=$1} END {for (i in a) print a[i]"k "i"/"p}' p="mypattern" server1> result.txt
awk: cmd. line:1: fatal: cannot open file `server1' for reading (Inappropriate ioctl for device)

my apologies, server1 is a directory not a file

my process goes like this:

mkdir -p server1/ab_1234568_2/mypattern
mkdir -p server1/ab_1234567_2/mypattern
mkdir -p server1/ab_1234569_2/mypattern
mkdir -p server1/ab_1234567_1/mypattern
mkdir -p server1/ab_1234569_3/mypattern

create some files
cd server1
ls /etc/ -l > ab_1234567_1/mypattern/etc.txt
ls /etc/ -l > ab_1234567_2/mypattern/etc.txt
ls /etc/ -l > ab_1234569_3/mypattern/etc.txt
ls /etc/ -l > ab_1234569_2/mypattern/etc.txt

cd server1
du -k

4       ./ab_1234568_2/mypattern
8       ./ab_1234568_2
16      ./ab_1234567_2/mypattern
20      ./ab_1234567_2
16      ./ab_1234569_2/mypattern
20      ./ab_1234569_2
16      ./ab_1234567_1/mypattern
20      ./ab_1234567_1
16      ./ab_1234569_3/mypattern
20      ./ab_1234569_3
92      .

is there any chances can get the below result something like this?

32 1234567/mypattern
4 1234568/mypattern
36 1234569/mypattern

sum of all color red
sum of all color green
sum of all color blue

really appreciate your help

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Old 02-09-2013
I did assume that you have the information stored in file server1
You can use this
du -k | awk -F"[ _]+" '$0~p {a[$3]+=$1} END {for (i in a) print a[i]"k "i"/"p}' p="mypattern" > result.txt

cat result.txt
32k 1234567/mypattern
4k 1234568/mypattern
32k 1234569/mypattern

Also added a + since du seems to have many space as separator.
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Old 02-09-2013
Thank you so much.
after execute the script, notice is different from your output.
also adding ab_1234567_9 directory, supposed they added to the sum of 36k which is 2/mypattern/mypattern +16 and will become 52 and so on but is not.

1. find to $d_path with exact $pattern to all directory expression something like this 'ab_[0-9]\{6,\}\_[0-9]\{0,\}'
2. grep my $pattern to all directory found my expression. ei ab_1234567_9 or ab_12345673334_96
3. du -k to all $pattern that was found in expression and sum them all $pattern belong to same expression.
4. slice the expression something like
ab_1234567_9, ab_1234567_19 and ab_1234567_20 and so on become 1234567 and the final output would be:

total expression/pattern
32k 1234567/mypattern
4k 1234568/mypattern
32k 1234569/mypattern

wish you could elaborate or explain then is nice.

result.txt  server1  server2


du -k | awk -F"[ _]+" '$0~p {a[$3]+=$1} END {for (i in  a) print a[i]"k "i"/"p}' p="mypattern" > result.txt

cat  result.txt
36k 2/mypattern/mypattern
16k 3/mypattern/mypattern
16k 1/mypattern/mypattern

cp -r ab_1234567_2 ab_1234567_9

ab_1234567_1  ab_1234567_2  ab_1234567_9  ab_1234568_2  ab_1234569_2   ab_1234569_3  result.txt

du -k | awk -F"[ _]+" '$0~p  {a[$3]+=$1} END {for (i in a) print a[i]"k "i"/"p}' p="mypattern" >  result.txt

cat result.txt
36k 2/mypattern/mypattern
16k 3/mypattern/mypattern
16k 1/mypattern/mypattern
16k 9/mypattern/mypattern

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