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Bash for multiple accounts with auto-gen passwords

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Old 01-31-2013
RedHat Bash for multiple accounts with auto-gen passwords


I am studying few things on unux and scripting. I need a script to create bulk users in unux. I need some assistance from you for creating 100 or more User IDs using a bash script:

Here's my requirements:

1. I need to create 100 or even more user ids of different naming
conventions. So, I would like to have a separate file(Example:
usernames.txt) where I can paste the user ids, Name for Each ID, Group Name
or GID, Serial Number) and call that file in the script

2. The script should contain the block of code that will auto-generate
random 8-character long alphanumeric and mixed-case passwords without
special characters or symbols(Something like
< /dev/urandom tr -dc
A-Za-z0-9_ | head -c8 )

for each ID and these system-generated passwords should be saved in a different file after the script is run. (Example:

I googled but couldn't find a solid script for my above requirements.
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Old 01-31-2013
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