Concatenating 3 files into a single file

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Concatenating 3 files into a single file

I have 3 files
C1 C2 c3

File 2
C1 c2 c3

File 3
C1 c2 c3

Now i want to have
File1 as
C1 c2 c3 I

File2 as
C1 c2 c3 O

File3 as
c1 c2 c3 D

and these 3 files should be concatenated into a single file
how can it be done in unix script?

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Please elucidate your data, for concatenate you can try paste command. Please use your delimeter as per your wish with -d option
paste  temp1.txt temp2.txt temp3.txt > temp4.txt

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awk '{print $0,I}' I=I file1 I=O file2 I=D file3

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The case of the data in your source files and expected output does not match. Is this intentional?
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