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[Solved] Configure: error: invalid value of canonical target

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [Solved] Configure: error: invalid value of canonical target
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Old 01-17-2013
[Solved] Configure: error: invalid value of canonical target

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to connect GDB-7.5.50-1 to the target but I am getting an error
configure: error: invalid value of canonical target

.In addition I gave the command
 ./configure --target=xyz --build= xyz --host=xyz.

Furthemore the host and the build system are compeletly running but the only problem with target. I am using cygwin.

So if anyone has some suggestion then please post it...


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Hi all,

luckly, I found the solution of the problem so you don't need to reply for this post....

by using --with-target-subdir instead of --target......


Last edited by vbe; 01-17-2013 at 01:01 PM.. Reason: code tags... Thanks for letting us know you solved and given with what

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