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Old 01-12-2013
Debian Lftp with dialog

Hi all. I want to know, if there is any chance to pass lftp listing to CLI dialog. I want to make an interactive CLI ftp manager, based on lftp.
Version of dialog I use:
root@dlink:~# dialog -v
cdialog (ComeOn Dialog!) version 1.1-20100428

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tk_dialog(n)						       Tk Built-In Commands						      tk_dialog(n)


tk_dialog - Create modal dialog and wait for response SYNOPSIS
tk_dialog window title text bitmap default string string ... _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This procedure is part of the Tk script library. Its arguments describe a dialog box: window Name of top-level window to use for dialog. Any existing window by this name is destroyed. title Text to appear in the window manager's title bar for the dialog. text Message to appear in the top portion of the dialog box. bitmap If non-empty, specifies a bitmap to display in the top portion of the dialog, to the left of the text. If this is an empty string then no bitmap is displayed in the dialog. default If this is an integer greater than or equal to zero, then it gives the index of the button that is to be the default button for the dialog (0 for the leftmost button, and so on). If less than zero or an empty string then there won't be any default button. string There will be one button for each of these arguments. Each string specifies text to display in a button, in order from left to right. After creating a dialog box, tk_dialog waits for the user to select one of the buttons either by clicking on the button with the mouse or by typing return to invoke the default button (if any). Then it returns the index of the selected button: 0 for the leftmost button, 1 for the button next to it, and so on. If the dialog's window is destroyed before the user selects one of the buttons, then -1 is returned. While waiting for the user to respond, tk_dialog sets a local grab. This prevents the user from interacting with the application in any way except to invoke the dialog box. KEYWORDS
bitmap, dialog, modal Tk 4.1 tk_dialog(n)

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