Help require for vLookup Utility same as in EXCEL

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Help require for vLookup Utility same as in EXCEL

Hi guys,

can someone please help me with a vlookup utility in shell script that does the work similar to Excel.

If File1.txt is

and File2.txt is
1 tab1
2 tab2
3 tab3
4 tab4
5 tab5

then the utility should create File3.txt with the below mentioned output:
1 tab1
2 tab2
4 tab4

the separator between columns will be tab(\t).

Also, is it possible, if File1.txt and File2.txt has multiple columns then, the lookup should happen from Column 3 of File1.txt to Column 6 of File2.txt and return Column 9 in File3.txt

Please help

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From the above examples you could try:-

while read f1
   f2line=`grep "^${f1}tab" File2.txt`
   echo "${f1}tab${f2}"
done < File1.txt > File3.txt

That might get you started, but the follow-up question is a bit harder.



For the follow up question, consider:-

cut -f3 -d "tab" File1.txt | while read f1
   f2line=`cut -f6,9 -d "tab" File2.txt|grep "^${f1}tab"
   echo "${f1}tab${f2}"
done > File3.txt

Does that do the job?

These may be a little slow as they are running a while read loop. Perhaps someone can suggest a good awk that will run faster. You will notice the difference with larger files as that may read the files once where my suggestion will re-read File2.txt for every line in File1.txt


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For your first request, try
$ awk 'FNR==NR{Ar[$1]=$0;next} $1 in Ar {$0=Ar[$1]}1' FS="\t" OFS="\t" file2 file1
1    tab1
2    tab2
4    tab4

For your second, pls post samples, as I don't quite understand it.
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Thans a ton Rudi.....this works...

For 2nd request, please find below the scenario:

nu1    eu11    10
nu2    eu12    2
nu3    eu13    14
nu4    eu14    4
nu5    eu15    9
nu6    eu16    0
nu7    eu17    7
nu8    eu18    12
nu9    eu19    9
nu10    eu20    1

ea1    1    dc1    ek1    vivek1
ea2    2    dc2    ek2    vivek2
ea3    11    dc3    ek3    vivek3
ea4    4    dc4    ek4    vivek4
ea5    5    dc5    ek5    vivek5
ea6    6    dc6    ek6    vivek6
ea7    7    dc7    ek7    vivek7
ea8    12    dc8    ek8    vivek8
ea9    9    dc9    ek9    vivek9
ea10    10    dc10    ek10    vivek10

Expected Output, File3.txt:
nu1    eu11    10    vivek10
nu2    eu12    2    vivek2
nu3    eu13    14    
nu4    eu14    4    vivek4
nu5    eu15    9    vivek9
nu6    eu16    0    
nu7    eu17    7    vivek7
nu8    eu18    12    vivek8
nu9    eu19    9    vivek9
nu10    eu20    1    vivek1

Lookup 3rd column in File1.txt against 2nd column in File2.txt and vlookup the value of 5th column in the output against the same

Please refer attachment fpr sample files


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I think your formatting has gone a bit wild when you've pasted the file contents in. Could you have another go. Can you wrap them with Code Tags too.

Does my follow up code above work perchance? If not, how badly is it wrong?


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Oops, crossed postings. I will have a look-see.


---------- Post updated at 03:23 PM ---------- Previous update was at 03:17 PM ----------

Syntax error and then no matching output. I will think again.


---------- Post updated at 03:30 PM ---------- Previous update was at 03:23 PM ----------

Syntax error corrected, but no hits. Your input file File2.txt does not have anything in columns 6 & 9 to work with.

My code is now:-
cut -f3 -d "tab" File1.txt | while read f1
   f2line=`cut -f6,9 -d "tab" File2.txt|grep "^${f1}tab"`
   echo "${f1}tab${f2}"
done > File3.txt

... and seems to work when I add more text on each line in File2.txt

Have I mis-interpreted your needs?

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Hi Robin...

i am getting the following error while executing the second code...
line 4: unexpected EOF while looking for matching ``'
line 8: syntax error: unexpected end of file

pls help

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hi robin,

there is something wrong going in the formatting...can you please download the attached files for samples...


---------- Post updated at 09:05 PM ---------- Previous update was at 09:02 PM ----------

im getting this error:
line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `done'
line 6: `done > File3.txt'

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I will attach my script just in case it's the copy/paste through the thread.

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