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Migrate from FTP to SFTP

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Old 12-22-2012
Migrate from FTP to SFTP

Hi,I am using following code for FTP in shell script file and it is working.Now I want to migrate from FTP to SFTP.What code changes/steps I have to perform for SFTP ?

ftp -in <<FIN

prompt ... End File ftp dates transaction
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Old 12-23-2012
If you are migrating from FTP to SFTP then I strongly suggest to setup ssh password-less login to avoid using hard-coded passwords.

Syntax is same for SFTP
sftp user@hostname << EOF
put file1
put file2

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Old 12-24-2012
Migrate from FTP to SFTP

My shell scripts are executing on Unix server and transfering files to window server 2008.Will your article work in this scenario ? If yes, then which approach will I have to take from the article ? (1) Getting Started (2)Using X Windows (3)Different usernames
(4)More keys! (5) Single-purpose keys
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Old 12-24-2012
Never tried SFTP from UNIX to Windows myself. But I found there are several options available to get this done. OpenSSH under Cygwin is one option. I also found CompleteFTP supports public-key authentication (RSA and DSA).
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Old 12-24-2012
it is not an one time activity.Control-M job is executing shell scripts everyday, so what option will be better ?
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Old 12-24-2012
If you have several users running Control-M job to execute shell scripts then I guess you have to setup keys for each one of them (More Keys!). I suggest you to isolate the file transfer task under one user if possible so that you can avoid this tedious task of setting up keys for several users.
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Old 12-24-2012
Migrate from FTP to SFTP

There are not several users running Control-M job to execute shell scripts.There is one scheduled job (via Control-M) on server that is executing shellscript everyday.

so how to setup ssh password less login to avoid using hard-coded passwords ? Can you please give me detailed steps ?

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