Basic bash, echo in loop for

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Basic bash, echo in loop for

Hi, I am trying to make a script to manage log. I want to write the name of the .gz I moved and the date :

for i  in `ls $replog/*.gz`  
  echo " $i "
  `echo $i date +%d:%m:%Y`  
  `echo $datee  `>> $replog/mrnet.log
  mv $i /var/log/vieux-logs

I need to echo the date in /$replog/mrnet.log, but when I want to echo $i I have a error message : "Permision denied"
I tryed to echo everything once at once, and its really the $i the matter

I don't know what to do

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That is a Useless Use of ls. Try this:-
for i in $replog/*.gz
   echo "$i"
   echo "$i $( date +%d:%m:%Y )" >> $replog/mrnet.log
   mv "$i" /var/log/vieux-logs

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you're true, the LS was useless, but I have the same problem :/
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Are you still having issues? Can you post the error message in code tags if any?

Also make sure that you have write permission on file: $replog/mrnet.log
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I did chmod 700 on mrnet.log, I still have the issues. My Linux is in french, and I don't know how to trap the code tags I can take you a screen shot if you want
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Here is a forum video tutorial on how to use code tags.

BTW you can also post screenshot.
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