Dynamically parse BibTeX and create hash of hash

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Dynamically parse BibTeX and create hash of hash

Hello gurus, Iam trying to parse following BibTex file (bibliography.bib):

abstract = {Abstract goes here},
author = {Lee, Wenke and Stolfo, Salvatore J},
title = {{Data mining approaches for intrusion detection}},
year = {2000}
abstract = {Abstract goes here},
author = {Forrest, Stephanie and Hofmeyr, Steven A. and Anil, Somayaji},
title = {{Computer immunology}},
year = {1996}

I am using BibTeX-Parser for this which works as expected, problem that I have is with creating hash of hash array. Following code:

# http://search.cpan.org/~gerhard/BibTeX-Parser-0.62/lib/BibTeX/Parser.pm
use BibTeX::Parser;
use IO::File;
use Data::Dumper;
use strict;
use warnings;

my $filename="bibliography.bib";
my (%bibliography, %article);
my $i;
my ($entry, @entries, $type, $key);
my (my $hkey, my $hvalue);

# open BibTeX
my $fh = IO::File->new("$filename") or die "could not open $filename: $!\n";

# create parser object ...
my $parser = BibTeX::Parser->new($fh);
# ... and iterate over entries
while ($entry = $parser->next ) {
  if ($entry->parse_ok) {
    # return BibTeX elements like abstract, author, title ...
    @entries = $entry->fieldlist();
    # create %article as a hash array e.g. year -> 1996; isbn -> 1581138709 etc.
    foreach (@entries) {
      $article{"$_"} = $entry->field("$_");
    # return article's key (Lee2000a, Forrest1996)
    $key = $entry->key;
    # append %article into %bibliography with approporiate key
    $bibliography{"$key"} = \%article;
    #print $entry->key, "\n";
    #print Dumper (\%article);

    # removes all elements of %article (prepare for next iteration)
    %article = ();
    #print "================================\n";
  else {
    warn "Error parsing file: " . $entry->error;

    #print Dumper (\%bibliography);

CURRENT output of Dumper (\%bibliography);
$VAR1 = {
          'Lee2000a' => {},
          'Forrest1996' => $VAR1->{'Lee2000a'}

EXPECTED output of Dumper (\%bibliography);
$VAR1 = {
          'Lee2000a' => {
                'abstract' => 'Abstract goes here',
                'author' => 'Lee, Wenke and Stolfo, Salvatore J'
                'title' => 'Data mining approaches for intrusion detection'
                'year' => '2000'
          'Forrest1996' => {
                'abstract' => 'Abstract goes here',
                'author' => 'Forrest, Stephanie and Hofmeyr, Steven A. and Anil, Somayaji'
                'title' => 'Computer immunology'
                'year' => '1996'

What I am doing Wrong ? Many thanks.
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