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Perl script to parse multiple windows event logs.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Perl script to parse multiple windows event logs.
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Perl script to parse multiple windows event logs.

Hi all,

I am developing a log parsing agent in perl to send windows Event logs to Zenoss Monitoring tool. Using Win32::EventLog i can able to get the Event messages but only one Eventype eg Application or System could able to parse at a time. Can you please help to how to open mutiple eventlogs at a time I need to get the total number of events combining all these event types. Below is my code which i tried
my @log_type =("Application", "Security", "Setup", "System", "Forwarded Events"); 
foreach $logs_type (@log_type){ #print "$logs_type\n"; Win32::EventLog::Open($EventLog, $logs_type,'') or die "Could not open System log:$^E\n"; 
print "$numevents"; 

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An associative array for each type can hold the counts of that type, once you parse them out.
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Try it like this:
use Win32::EventLog;

my @log_type            =  ( "Application", "Security", "Setup", "System", "Forwarded Events" );
my $log_type;
my $elh;
my $events_count        =  0;
my $total_events_count  =  0;

foreach $log_type ( @log_type ) {
  $elh  =  Win32::EventLog->new(  $log_type ) or die "Can't open $log_type Event Log\n";
  $elh->GetNumber( $events_count );
  $total_events_count  =  $total_events_count + $events_count;
print $total_events_count;

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If you must search one at a time, you might do it in parallel so the files are cached in RAM once.

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