Need to run an API from a script and extract fields from output of API

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Old 12-03-2012
Question Need to run an API from a script and extract fields from output of API

I need to call an API (GetUsageDetails)from inside a shell script which takes an input argument acct_nbr.

The output of API will be like :
<usageAccum accumId="450" accumCaptn="PM_125" inclUnits="1410.00" inclUnitsUsed="744.00" shared="true" pooled="false" prorated="false" realtimeSbscrpShared="false" bonusFlag="false" inclUnitsRolledOver="0.00" maxRolloverUnits="0.00" inclUnitsToBeRolledOver="0.00" rolloverAvailableFlag="false" prevCycleReleasedFlag="false" sbscrpUsedUnits="729.00">

and I need to fetch the marked fields from the output.
Can anyone help me how to acheive this in shell scripting...I have no idea of how to run an API from a shell script Smilie
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Old 12-03-2012
An API is basically a code library, written in some language like C and then presented as some kind of an object for other compiled languages to use.

bash is not a compiled language. You will have to write some kind of wrapper in C or java or whatever the api is meant to interface with.
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