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Addition to Bash shell script that emails final output as attachement?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Addition to Bash shell script that emails final output as attachement?
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Old 11-30-2012
Addition to Bash shell script that emails final output as attachement?


I have a nice bash shell script that runs a multi-step analysis well. I already have the SGE options set up to email me the progress of the run (started, completed, aborted), but a final step would be to code the shell script to email the final output (a .txt file) to the same email address (as an attachement). Is this possible?

Thanks and cheers!
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Old 11-30-2012
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Old 11-30-2012
Thanks, frappa. Although mutt is recognized from the command line working interactively, using it in the shell script returns "mutt: command not found."
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Old 11-30-2012
Try running mutt using absolute path in your shell script:-

If this is not the correct path, check your system for mutt installation PATH.
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Old 11-30-2012
Not all systems have mutt. In fact I'd venture most systems don't have mutt. It's an interactive mailer add-on, not a standard command.

Does your system actually have a MTA(mail server) installed? If not, you'll want one. ssmtp is a simple one that just uses an external smtp server instead of being its own email server. Then you'll be able to use the sendmail utility.

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Old 11-30-2012
We do have mutt, and I was able to find the PATH and export it in the shell script. Still not working for some reason. This is what I have:


export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/mutt

#Email txt file

mutt -a results.txt -s "results.txt" 

echo done

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Old 11-30-2012
The export done is wrong! If mutt is in /usr/bin , then simply do:-
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/bin"

OR do
/usr/bin/mutt -a results.txt -s "results.txt"

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