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Old 08-08-2005
Lightbulb Tree with UNIX

Hello !

I am trying to find out if a simple command could build me a tree containing all the subdirectories for a specific directory.

I have a tree like /home/user/blabla..../mytree with a lot of symbolic links. It is quite tricky to find out where my data are 'logically' stored.


I am trying to find out a script to make my work easier... I'm affraid i should do it by myself. Smilie

I someone could help me, it would be very nice ;o)

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Old 08-08-2005

find $PARENT_DIR -type DIR -print
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Old 08-08-2005
A solution using find and sed :

# tree
find "${1:-.}" -type d | sed -f tree.sed

# tree.sed

# Mémorise la racine avec / en fin
# et l'affiche sans


# Elimine la racine mémorisée


# Formatte

s+[^/]*/+|  +g

# End of script


$ tree AIX.TOOLS

|  L__lpp
|  |
|  L__local
|  |  L__bin
|  |  L__lib
|  |  |  L__tools
|  |  |  L__pstree-2.6
|  |  L__man
|  |  |  L__man1
|  L__bin


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Old 08-09-2005
Handy one liner...
find . -type d -print | sed -e 's;[^/]*/;|____;g;s;____|; |;g'

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Old 08-09-2005
Originally Posted by Ygor
Handy one liner...
find . -type d -print | sed -e 's;[^/]*/;|____;g;s;____|; |;g'

Smilie impressive-d.

sorry just had to say Smilie
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Old 04-09-2008
that is very helpful/cool!

thanks for posting it!
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