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Old 11-08-2012
Shell Script - Loop through text file

I am trying to capture screenshots from a huge list of URLs. I am able to manually capture images of individual pages; that is, I simply run the following command to get a screenshot of
$ python /path/to/

I want to modify the script so that instead of manually entering the URL, I create a file with a unique URL on every line, and the script loops through until it captures a screenshot of every URL.

For example, the file would look something like this:


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Old 11-08-2012
With the tool that you have already, you can write a wrapper script:
#! /bin/bash
while read URL
    python /path/to/ "$URL"
done < file_containing_urls.dat

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Old 11-08-2012
Perfect, thanks. FYI if anyone needs the screen capture script... webkit2png
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