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Making a perl script executable

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Old 11-07-2012
Making a perl script executable


I have a perl program called

I have another program called which contains the following:
for file in *.inp
 cp $file genotype_counts_c.txt
 ./snp_hwe.exe > $file'.res'

I want to change my perl program to an executable program while changing its extension to .exe so the program can detect it.

Thank you very much

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Old 11-07-2012
Changing the extension won't help (that's largely a Windows phenomenon). So, unless you are using Cygwin, ...

Run it explicitly with perl or chmod the file so it is executable.
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Old 11-07-2012
Yes, I have already done that but when I want to run it with it doesn't detect the file.
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Old 11-07-2012
Then, perhaps you forgot the "shebang" inside the script?

#!/usr/bin/env perl



(or wherever your Perl binaries live)

It would help if you said which OS you are using, and what the error was exactly.

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