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Old 11-05-2012
Question CSV Delimiter Settings

Hi All,

I am really new to Shell Scripting and would appreciate any help here.

I have a script that runs throguh a cron job on a daily basis, problem is when the file is attached and e-mailed, it uses a comma delimiter to seperate fields.

How can I prevent the script from using a comma delimiter, maybe even changing the delimiter to something like a pipe delimiter?

Here is my exisiting script:

IFS= "|"
# Backup directory location e.g /backups
# Set the maximum allowed email size in k. (4000 = approx 5MB email [see docs])
# Email Address to send mail to? (user@domain.com)
# Choose Compression type. (gzip or bzip2)
# The maximum size of the buffer for client/server communication. e.g
DATE=`date +%Y-%m-%d_%Hh%Mm` # Datestamp e.g 2002-09-21
DOW=`date +%A` # Day of the week e.g. Monday
DNOW=`date +%u` # Day number of the week 1 to 7 where 1 represents Monday
DOM=`date +%d` # Date of the Month e.g. 27
M=`date +%B` # Month e.g January
W=`date +%V` # Week Number e.g 37
LOGFILE=$BACKUPDIR/SMSCampaignsReport_`date +$DATE`.csv # Logfile Name
LOGERR=$BACKUPDIR/ERRORS_SMSCampaignsReport_`date +$DATE`.log # Error Logfile Name
# IO redirection for logging.
touch $LOGFILE
exec 6>&1 # Link file descriptor #6 with stdout.
# Saves stdout.
exec > $LOGFILE # stdout replaced with file $LOGFILE.
touch $LOGERR
exec 7>&2 # Link file descriptor #7 with stderr.
# Saves stderr.
exec 2> $LOGERR # stderr replaced with file $LOGERR.
# Functions
# Database dump function
dbdump () {
mysql -t -u user -ppassword -h"" -Bse"SELECT submitDate AS 'Date Received'
, message
, sender
WHERE submitDate >= CURDATE()-8
AND sender not like 27741000123
AND message LIKE '%Smart%'" > $LOGFILE
sed -i 's/\+//g' $LOGFILE
sed -i 's/\-//g' $LOGFILE
replace -s '|' ',' -- $LOGFILE
return 0

echo ======================================================================
echo Verimark Report File
echo Total disk space used for backup storage..
#Clean up IO redirection
exec 1>&6 6>&- # Restore stdout and close file descriptor #6.
exec 1>&7 7>&- # Restore stdout and close file descriptor #7.
#does actual extract
if [ "$MAILCONTENT" = "files" ]
if [ -s "$LOGERR" ]
# Include error log if is larger than zero.
ERRORNOTE="WARNING: Error Reported - "

BACKUPFILES=`echo "$BACKUPFILES" | sed -e "s# # -a #g"` #enable multiple attachments
mutt -s "SMS Campaigns Report $DATE" -a $LOGFILE -- $MAILADDR < $SUBJECTFILE

# Clean up Logfile
eval rm -f "$LOGFILE"
eval rm -f "$LOGERR"
exit 0

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Old 11-05-2012
try commenting below line..
Here it replaces | with ,
#replace -s '|' ',' -- $LOGFILE

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Old 11-05-2012
Thanks I didn't see that. Took over the script from someone else. So the problem doesn't seem to be the ',' as I had thought. When my file exports, some of the data is placed on a new line, rather than being kept on the line it was originally on.

I originally thoguht this was because of the comma delimiter.
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