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Merge wrapped lines

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Old 07-25-2005
Merge wrapped lines

Can someone tell me how i can merge the lines that are wrapped.

My file has content somethig like this

Line1 -> xxxx bbbb ccc dddd bababab11
Line2 -> 2222 nnn cccc
Line 3-> yyyyy zzzz uuzuz ioouo oououou11
Line 4 -> 3333 pppp dddd
Line 5-> zzzz kjkj uuzuz ioouo oououou11
Line 6-> 444 pppp dddd

I wud like to merge them into 3 lines
Line1->xxxx bbbb ccc dddd bababab112222 nnn cccc
Line2->yyyyy zzzz uuzuz ioouo oououou113333 pppp dddd
Line3->zzzz kjkj uuzuz ioouo oououou11444 pppp dddd

Is this feasible ?

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Old 07-25-2005
paste -d '\0' - - < file

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