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Search & Replace: Multiple Strings / Multiple Files

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Old 10-16-2012
Data Search & Replace: Multiple Strings / Multiple Files

I have a list of files all over a file system e.g.


I'm looking for strings in these files and want to replace each occurrence with a replacement string, e.g.

if I find: '#@!^\&@ in any of the files I want to replace it with: 655#@11, etc.

There are around 120 substitutions and around 4,600 files.

One issue: these strings are passwords, I'm hoping not to need to escape them.

So far I've only come up with:

ggrep -HF -f /home/pass "/home/find-passwords/struc/www/sites/foo.php"

which doesn't do much except list the file and matched string from pass (which contains old passwords),

no escaping is required due to the -F arg to grep.


ggrep -HF -f /home/pass "/home/find-passwords/struc/www/sites/foo.php"


/home/find-passwords/struc/www/sites/foo.php:$dbcnx = @mysql_pconnect("", "foo", "xfgt^5");

where xfgt^5 is the match from my /home/pass file.

I'm struggling with how to replace the old password with the new, and thinking loops with a bunch of ifs might work? Or a lookup table?

I can put the old and new passwords in a file with corresponding columns.

It would be nice to be able to run in a manner that shows what it will do, and then one that does it.

Thanks for any help,


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Old 10-16-2012
If working with files that are ":" field delimited:

pwds file (pwd:replace pwd):


using awk:
awk -F: '
NR==FNR {pw[$1]=$2; next;}
{ FS=":";
  for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) {
    if (length(pw[$i])>0) $i=pw[$i];
' OFS=: pwds somefile


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Old 10-16-2012
Thanks rdtx1,

This looks promising, except the files I need to work on (e.g. somefile) are not delimited, they are free form database configuration files (see what my ggrep returns on an example file).

I can make my own pwds file (with my own delimiter in case : is used in a password) - but unless my somefile files are delimited (and they are not, they are free form), this doesn't appear to work for me.


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