AWK: Help inserting records between various matches

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AWK: Help inserting records between various matches

Hello, my apologizes if the title is a bit confusing. I am currently working with a series of files that have the form:


However, I need to insert records such that I have:

0 0
1 0
2 1
3 1
4 0
5 0
6 0
7 1
.... And so on.
Currently I have the following script:

awk '{{temp=$1;getline;temp2=$1};if((temp2-temp)>1){for(i=temp;i<temp2;i++){print i,0}}{print $1, 1}}'

Which produces:

3 1
7 0
8 0
9 0
10 0
11 0
12 0
13 0
14 0
15 0
16 0
17 1
21 1

I've played around with this for awhile, but seem to have hit a brick wall ( Smilie ). Any help would be great.

# 2  
awk 'c<$1{while(c<$1-1)print ++c,0}{print c=$1,1}' c=-1 file1

# 3  
That did it! Thanks I knew it had to be simpler than I what I was doing.
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