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Round up the decimals

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Round up the decimals

Hi All,

I would like to do the following in the shell script

561.76 to 562

I tried using this echo 'scale=0; 749 * 75 /100 ' | bc

but just returned only 561

Please help me . I appreciate your help

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bc is still an integer calculator, it just tracks the decimal point and adjusts later.

You can round up the same way in bc the same way you would in pure integer math. Add 0.5 (times 100) before you divide. Numbers that would round up will bump past nine, numbers that round down won't.

echo $((((749 * 75)+50) /100))

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Try like..
echo "561.76" | awk '{printf("%d\n",$0+=$0<0?-0.5:0.5)}'

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One more..
printf "%.0f\n" "561.76"

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try this..

echo "561.76" | awk '{printf "%.0f",$0}'

awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f",( 749 * 75 /100) }'

# 5  
I have tried using this

awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f",($TOTAL_RECORDS * 75 /100) }'

but it returned 0 instead of 562

Did I do anything wrong .Please help me out.


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Originally Posted by rajeevm
awk 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f",($TOTAL_RECORDS * 75 /100) }'
but it returned 0 instead of 562
try this..
awk -v VAR="$TOTAL_RECORDS" 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f",(VAR * 75 /100) }'

$TOTAL_RECORDS this is shell variable not awk..
# 7  
Thanks Pamu

That code for one but its not working for the second

which is I need to split the number of records into 75% and 25 % so i did this for 75 % just like you mentioned

but i implemented the same for 25 % like below
25%=`awk -v VAR="$TOTAL_RECORDS" 'BEGIN {printf "%.0f",(VAR * 25 /100) }'`

the result is 187 but instead of 188 as the result would be 749*25/100=187.25 in that I would be missing one record when I will these records to a file

I appreciate your help.


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