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Old 09-19-2012
Bash Info Display

I have written the following bash function prArgv

Suppose the calling sequence is as follows

prArgv VAL1 VAL2 DESC VAL3 VAL4 v2d1 s4 p15

The call will look at the tag k1v2, add the numbers together, in this case 2+1=3
This means that the function will look at the first 3 user arguments only (VAL1 VAL2 DESC).

The s4 tag is a shift tag, so that when I print VAL1 VAL2 DESC, everything is shifted by 4 characters
to the right.


1234VAL1 VAL2 DESC     # print statement shifted by 4 characters to the right.

The thing I am trying to do is that if the user puts the p-tag, the description which is the
last user argument defined ($3), is printed at the position defined by the corresponding number.

For example, p15 will place DESC starting from the 15 character position.

prArgv() {

  frmt_v2d1="${bGn}%s %s${nWh}    %s${nColor}\n"

  # Set location of format tag and the shift
  lastArgv="$#"  # lastArgv =

  # Position of last argument equals the number of arguments
  frmtPos=`expr $lastArgv - 1`  # frmtPos =

  # Position of argument before last

  # Construct variable names from where to capture the required format
  # Construct shift format variable, 's' followed by amount of shift
  frmtShift="${!shiftpos}"  # frmtShift = "s2"

  # Construct arguments format variable for colored output
  # Construct print format
  # Shift tag detected

  if [[ "${!shiftpos}" =~ ^s[0-9]+$ ]] ; then

  # Position tag detected
  elif [[ "${!shiftpos}" =~ ^p[0-9]+$ ]] ; then

  # No shift or position tags detected
  echo "frmt = $frmt"

  #  Compute number of arguments to print. This is done by adding the numbers
  # in the format tag together.
  sepString=`echo "${!frmtPos}" | sed 's/\([0-9][0-9.]*\)/ & /g'`
  strArr=( $sepString )
  # Add the numeric fields together
  for str in "${strArr[@]}"; do
     if [[ "$str" =~ ^[0-9]+$ ]]; then
  # Compute the total length of all user arguments excluding the description
  strArr=( ${@:1:$m} )
  echo "str = ${@:1:$m}"
  for str in "${strArr[@]}"; do
  echo "totlLen = $totlLen"
  #  str=${!n}
  #  strLen=${#str}
  #  echo "str, strLen = $str, $strLen"
  printf "$frmt" "${@:1:$n}"  # print command

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Old 09-19-2012
I am lost -- it is not all described, and yet other stuff is in there. What is the question? How to pad a field to a specific length? Can we assume it fits? Right or left? Just add one space at a time until the lenght is right?
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