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awk - getting uniq count on multiple col

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awk - getting uniq count on multiple col


My file have 7 column, FIle is pipe delimed


I want to find out uniq record count on col3, col4 and col2 ( same order) how can I achieve it.

Output should be

Here last column is count.

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$ awk -F\| '{_[$3 FS $4 FS $2]++} END{for(e in _){print "FREQ" FS e FS _[e]}}' infile

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 awk -F"|" 'BEGIN{i=1}(!a[$3"|"$4"|"$2]){a[$3"|"$4"|"$2]=1;b[i]=$3"|"$4"|"$2;i++;next}{a[$3"|"$4"|"$2]++}
 END{for(j=1;j<i;j++) print "FREQ|"b[j]"|"a[b[j]]}' inputfile

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 awk -F\| '{a[$3"|"$4"|"$2]++;} END{for(i in a){print "FREQ|"i"|"a[i];}}'  file_name

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END{for(i in a)print "FREQ",i,a[i]}'

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