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get chosen value from bash menu

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Originally Posted by elixir_sinari
I would disagree. select looping construct can only do so much. With whiptail, you have much much more control easily.
I agree that select is limited, but it is available anywhere bash or ksh is available. The whiptail utility is only available on Linux systems. If you're trying to write code that is portable to more than just Linux systems, whiptail is not an option. For example, it isn't available on any of the Solaris and OS X systems I use.
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Originally Posted by vgersh99
The OP's script is a bash script - most likely 'sh' is Bourne.

There is nothing in the script that is specifically bash other than ==; = works just as well and is portable.
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Thanks all

I was using to that and scripting Smilie

lots more to learn...but thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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