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Script for Diff b/w 2 CSV files

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Script for Diff b/w 2 CSV files

Hello friends,

I have two CSV files.. I am looking to create a script which automatically 'diff' between those 2 csv files each month..Can anyone help me in creating the automatic script which will find the differences between 2 csv files.

Appreciated your help.

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I haven't created any script as am a newbie to UNIX scripting. Could someone please help me in creating the script..

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Help me please..!!

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Smilie( Smilie(
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If your system has cron facility add a line to your crontab:

30 5 1 * * diff file1 file2 > results

This means run diff on given fies at 5:30 AM on 1st of each month and place output into file results

make sure file1, file2, and results include full path/file names, as a process executed by a cron will have crontab user's home directory as current directory.
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