Need to represent a number in 99999999 format(8 digits)

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Old 08-08-2012
Need to represent a number in 99999999 format(8 digits)

Hi all,

i have to create a file having an 8-digit sequence number, that will start by name file_00000001.cvs at first time, the next day the file will be named file_00000002.cvs and so on.

How can i do this in my script please, specially that i will need a counter that increments this number every day.

Please advise

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Old 08-08-2012
What have you done so far, e.g. what does your script look like?
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Old 08-08-2012
actually i am stuck at this point and i have not yet implemented this part at all.

this scripts runs daily and creates a file that has the name file_00000001.cvs at first day, file_00000002.cvs at second day and so on

I just wanted to set a counter with format 99999999 that will incremented every day for this purpose.

Please not i work on bash , solaris 10 machine
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Old 08-08-2012
Try this; it is a bit clumsy as it makes use of the variable a. Me, I'm not aware of how to do bash's parameter expansion immediately on the output if a command.
a=$(basename $(ls file*.csv) .csv); printf file_%0.8d.csv $(( ${a##*_} + 1))

It makes the assumption that a file file_00000001.csv exists in the working dir.

OK, this one is even easier:
printf file_%0.8d.csv $(( $(ls file*.csv|tr -d '[:alpha:][:punct:]') + 1 ))

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Old 08-08-2012
this one is very nice:
printf file_%0.8d.csv $(( $(ls file*.csv|tr -d '[:alpha:][:punct:]') + 1 ))


but i have a small problem , the output is concatenated to the shell prompt:
-bash-3.00$ printf file_%0.8d.csv $(( $(ls file_00000001.cvs |tr -d '[:alpha:][:punct:]') + 2 ))

why is that happening :S

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Old 08-08-2012
This happens as the code does NOT append a <newline> char which you do not want in your filename. If you want one, make printf's format string like this: "file_%0.8d.csv\n"
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Old 08-08-2012
# test:
# touch file_00000001.cvs file_00000002.cvs

# last file*.cvs file
last=$( ls -1 file*.cvs 2>/dev/null  | tail -1 )

# remove all a-z . and _ from filename

# if empty = no files => 1st file
[ "$last" = "" ] && last=0 # 1st file

newname=$(printf "file_%0.8d.cvs" $new)
do_something > $newname

Or make cnt file and use it
[ ! -f last.txt ] && echo "0" > last.txt # 1st id
read last < last.txt

newname=$(printf "file_%0.8d.cvs" $new)
# save id
echo "$new" > last.txt
do_something > $newname

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