How to use GOTO stmt in Unix scripting?

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Old 08-02-2012
How to use GOTO stmt in Unix scripting?

my code does somthing like this:
sqlplus / | While read id
     temp[i]=`echo $id`
     i = i+1
while [ $j -le $i ]
     --connecting to sql and executing a Stored proc for 1st id
     --checking for the status 
     status = $?
     if [$status -ne 0]
          --need to increment j and go to WHILE LOOP ------------How To GOTO while loop from this step and nees to execute Stored Proc for 2nd id and so onn
          --some other steps need to be executed

please help!!.....

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Old 08-02-2012
What you want sounds like continue. That will jump it back up to the top of the while loop and execute its conditional statement again.
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