How to capture script return code?

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Old 07-31-2012
How to capture script return code?

I am executing database backup via shell script (Korn). The backup log is long, but I would like to capture only the last line so I can send an email if it fails

Example of failed backup (only last 3 lines)

BR0056I End of database backup: bejbofoh.aff 2012-07-26 07.31.21
BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2010-12-26 07.31.21
BR0054I BRBACKUP terminated with errors

Example of successful backup (only last 3 lines)

BR0056I End of database backup: bejckxdr.anf 2012-07-30 22.32.56
BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2008-01-30 22.32.56
BR0052I BRBACKUP completed successfully

How do I do that?

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Old 07-31-2012
After the program terminates. You can do echo $? to display the error code
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Old 07-31-2012
In case custom script is coded to return 0 for success Smilie
Please show the script and database type in question (i can presume oracle..)

Other then that you can use tail & grep for certain log and check their return codes ($?) as codecaine suggested.

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Old 07-31-2012
Thanks a lot for your help; using "echo $?" did half the job, which is capturing the return code. Is there a way to capture the last line from the backup log witout going to the log file?
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Old 07-31-2012
capture the line in what way? You can do export variable with the exit status of the last line.
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Old 07-31-2012
You mention a log file, so why not just something like this:

tail -1 log-file-name | mail -s "Backup finished: rc=$?" someuser@some.domain

Guess I should mention that the command will send the last line of the log file as the only line in the body of the email.
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Old 08-01-2012
Thanks again. My question is: when I run backup via shell script where I use the following command
brbackup -c -p profile

I get an output file, where somewhere there is a log file name

BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-08-01 08.14.30
BR0057I Backup of database: XXX
BR0058I BRBACKUP action ID: bejcrwgf
BR0059I BRBACKUP function ID: anf

BR0056I End of database backup: bejcrwgf.anf 2012-08-01 08.24.42
BR0280I BRBACKUP time stamp: 2012-08-01 08.24.43
BR0052I BRBACKUP completed successfully

I need to either capture the log file name or, even better, capture only the last line without going to the log file. How do I create a variable and do that?

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